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Personal Trainer


Why did you become a personal trainer?

Fitness is my life! I have been training from the age of twelve - first, cross country and long-distance running, then three years ago, switching to bodybuilding and now physique competition.

How do you differ from other trainers?

My expertise lies in strength and conditioning and with me, you’ll learn why what you’re doing works! You’ll gain a full understanding of your sessions so you have the confidence and ability to continue your own fitness journey in the future.  

I will never have you doing anything I haven’t done myself and I believe strongly in leading by example. I can share first-hand experience with you and provide structure so that you achieve and surpass any fitness goals. I have personally been 0% body fat and 30%+ body fat so I know what it takes to get lean, stay lean and gain lean. I pride myself on giving my clients a five-star service. (Check out the reviews on my Facebook page and see for yourself!) If you’re ready to make a change for the better, send me a message and let’s get started!

Favourite Exercise/Equipment   

I like to use compound lifts and free weights to achieve rapid results. These can be sustained through proper exercise programming and education. 

 Guilty pleasure? 


Get in touch with Ross

 To get in touch with Ross or to book a session, call him on 07932903943 or email him at