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Personal Trainer


What can you do?

Level 3 Personal Trainer 

Sports Massage Therapist 

Functional Training and Mobility Spinning Instructor


Why did you become a personal trainer?

Call it a mid life crisis but I decided on a career change after 20yrs of selling cheese & fine foods it was time to follow my passion! A fan of fitness, I have always participated in various sports. Rugby which took me abroad in my younger years, running, mountain biking (downhill, cross country & road) and snowboarding. I was involved with coaching and training rugby players in my youth.  I take great satisfaction in helping people achieve their personal best whatever their age or fitness level, improving their health, fitness and wellbeing. My role is to support, motivate and advise you to achieve your personal best whether your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, run a mile, improve your 10km time or walk a Munro. 

How do you differ from other trainers?

I am slightly more mature with lots of life experience!  My goal is to increase my clients’ motivation and confidence and give them the knowledge so that they can use the gym feeling comfortable and not intimidated, and to get the most out of the gym experience.  If I can do this then I feel that I have succeeded in my role as a PT.  Having played competitive sport with a history of sport related injuries and being a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, I have the knowledge and understanding of rehabilitation and the road back to fitness. 

Favourite exercise/equipment?

I do love running in the rain, I find it very therapeutic! Anything that gets the heart rate pumping and gets a good sweat on! Circuit based classes,  cycling or even spin…. 

Guilty pleasure?

Salt and Vinegar Kettle Crisps (family pack of course….) washed down with an ice cold Estrella or, a good red wine with my favourite goats cheese, of course only occasionally! Sharing the good things in life with family and friends because life is too short!