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Personal Trainer


Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

I have always had a real passion for sport and fitness, having played football at a reasonably high level. My full life has revolved around fitness, from football to my gym training to my study's at College. The job is extremely rewarding, you are changing peoples life's for the good and living a positive, healthy lifestyle. It's a no brainer for me.

How do you differ from other trainers?

I promote myself as a Personal Trainer who covers all aspects of fitness and haven't narrowed myself down to one specific kind of training, like a lot of PT's do. I am constantly researching and learning different things on a daily basis, to ensure I have as much possible knowledge for my client's to learn from. Also, I am an extreme motivator and always have a positive attitude in life. I believe this benefits anyone who is in my company for periods of time.

Favourite exercise/equipment?

If I had to narrow it down to one it would have to be a kettlebell, I am really passionate about functional training and kettlebells are a fantastic way to smash out a successful full body functional workout.

Guilty pleasure?

Burgers and beers, but of course, only occasionally!

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P: 07549937025