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By Nikki

Wonderful Water

By Nikki

5 reasons why it’s great!

  1. It helps to maximise physical performance- if we don’t stay hydrated during exercise, our physical performance can suffer. This means that exercise can actually feel harder than it would if we were fully hydrated.
  2. It has a major effect on energy levels- some studies suggest that even mild dehydration can impair many aspects of brain function. This can impact both mood and concentration leading to a reduction in energy.
  3. It can help to flush out toxins- through sweat and urination (sorry!).
  4. It can improve skin complexion- through moisturising your skin. Who doesn’t want to look glowing?!
  5. It can prevent headaches- headaches are often caused by dehydration, so getting your 8 recommended glasses a day can help prevent and relieve them.