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Information |Health

By Nikki

Tips to SWEAT this summer

By Nikki

Summer is here and it’s a great time to bring exercise outdoors. Here are some top tips from us at SWEAT! to help you stay fit and healthy in the sunshine!

1. Dress for success…

Don’t be caught out by the sun’s rays.  This year, we’ve had record temperatures in June, with the weather currently looking set fair for the foreseeable.  To avoid coming back from your workout looking more than a little overcooked, make sure you whip on that high factor sunscreen.   There’s also some fantastic sports gear, with built in sun protection out there, too.  It not only looks great but keeps your skin super healthy.  Oh and don’t forget your hat!

2. Time is on my side..

Early morning and evening workouts are best for avoiding the glare of the midday sun.  There’s truth in the phrase, ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen!’  In any case, let’s face it, there’s nothing nicer than enjoying that first sun as the rest of the world wakes up or grabbing the last rays as others settle in for the evening.  It gets the metabolism going and sets you up for an energetic day or a sound night’s sleep!

3. Water! Water!

Truth be known, most of us don’t drink enough water but it’s particularly important to take in plenty of fluids as temperatures soar.  So, here’s a top tip for you - drink enough water to make your urine clear and you know you’re keeping your body well-hydrated!

4. Life’s a beach

Want to set yourself more of a challenge?  Get down on the sands and give us five!  Whether you’re doing pushups, running or even a spot of yoga, using sand as your surface makes a bit more of a workout, with more muscle groups to engage.  Nothing wrong with a deck chair and ice cream but why not earn your break with an invigorating workout beforehand!

5. Getting down with the kids!

For some of us, summer means hols with the kids and how do you fit your workout in then?  A summer break can be a sure-fire path to gaining a few extra pounds but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Instead, join in the fun!  Get biking, skipping or running through the garden sprinkler for some fit and healthy family fun!

6. Take a walk on the wild side

If a summer jaunt to the countryside is on the cards, make the most of the long light evenings to go for a long stroll, take in the scent of wild flowers and the relaxing birdsong.  It’s great for both mind and body.  Also, whilst there’s nothing wrong with an après barbecue snooze, an amble is a lovely way of cooling down and setting yourself up for a proper night’s sleep, which heavy meals and alcohol can often deprive you of.

7. Something new

There are lots of ways to keep fit which feel even better in the sunshine from water aerobics to hiking so make the most of the change of the weather to alter your routine.  It will open up new challenges and have you thinking about exercise in a different way.

8. Chill out at SWEAT!

And when you feel too hot and bothered because the heat index has soared high, an air-conditioned gym is a great place to work up a SWEAT! whilst still staying cool so we look forward to seeing you here, too!