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By Omari

Shutdown Sessions - Group PT Class

By Omari

Shutdown Sessions is a HIIT group PT class with weekly weigh ins + nutrition seminars with a personal progression record designed to build strength and muscle, speed up metabolism and burn fat and calories.

It is a structured session which will vary each week from body weight exercises to using weights and steppers and it is suitable for all levels of fitness from athlete to beginner.

'What's hard now will be easy later' is the key principle to this and if you really want to achieve something there is only one way to do it ... Open your mind and then focus!! So if you want real training and real results fast, come and train with #TEAMIGETRESULTS and lets do this together!

Class includes

  • muscle/strength building
  • toning and conditioning
  • weight loss/fat burning
  • cardio vascular training  



Wednesdays 8.15 - 9.15PM

£35 for 5 weeks or £8.50 per session.

Block bookings can only be taken in the first week of the 5 week block and then will restart again. 
Next block will commence on 24th Feb, so get involved people! 

For more information or any queries contact me via email or on Facebook Omari Get - Fit.