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By Clare

Reach new heights with the CLIMB!

By Clare

At SWEAT! We’re really proud of our fantastic Technogym equipment, which all members have full access to during opening hours. This premium equipment includes the CLIMB with goal-orientated routines providing a wide range of challenging workouts.


Whether you’ve been intimidated by the stair climber to date or it’s your favourite piece of equipment, CLIMB is an exciting new experience with a SPLIT STEP TECHNOLOGY, which makes it accessible to all, whatever your level of fitness.

At the other end of the spectrum, CLIMB really raises the bar for the seasoned athlete because it provides a wider range of more challenging workouts, guaranteed to achieve the highest payback when it comes to burning calories and toning muscle.  

Step on up

If you’re a beginner, CLIMB has a LowRise design which banishes any feeling of ‘performing on stage.’ Getting on and off CLIMB is made easier by CLIMB repositioning itself to the lowest height at the end of your workout so that dismounting is never a problem.

It's all about you

CLIMB’s Goal-Oriented Routines ensure that, whatever your level, you can enjoy a workout which is tailored to you.  You might focus on increasing your muscle performance, shaping and sculpting your lower body, building stamina, burning fat or improving your balance, through core stability.  Whilst it is inviting to the beginner, CLIMB’s high intensity workouts will also challenge the most demanding user so you’ll achieve your best personal results.

Climb challenges

To keep you inspired and motivated, you can use the console to climb the world’s tallest buildings or highest mountains, race in various locations and even compete against fellow members.  You can connect your smart device, too if you want to, to perform your personalised workout.


CLIMB makes it possible to perform more complex footwork routines than ever before because there are always at least three steps available, affording you a wider range of exercises.  It also has an innovative ToeSmart Design, which prevents toe pinching between steps, regardless of your foot size and enables you to use the entire step surface during your workouts.

CLIMB will give you the confidence to reach new heights with your fitness goals so why not introduce it into your workout? Happy climbing!