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By Laura

Our December member of the month!

By Laura

Congratulations to Emma, our December member of the month!

Emma applied for a free day pass at our club in Glasgow, the first time she walked in to the club you could see she was almost in tears with nerves. But she was made to feel part of the team immediately, one of the PT’s Caroline Digweed took Emma under her wings and did a complimentary Personal Training session on the day along with guidance and support for her next session. Emma joined us straight away, trains three times week and it has been a pleasure to watch her confidence and muscle grow. Emma has invested on Personal Training with Caroline to support her long term goals. Fitness is for EVERYBODY, people think that you only attend the gym to lose weight or get ready for the summer bikini. Emma’s goals in fact has been the total opposite “A Body is to BUILD” Well done Emma!

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