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By Laura

November Member of the Month

By Laura

Congratulations to our November Member of the Month Nicola!

Read Nicola's fitness story....

As an asthmatic I needed to focus on improving my health and my weight - boy am I glad I made that decision, it created a monster in me, striving to better myself every day. It brought out a competitive streak I never knew I had, to phrase Monica from friends, I was in competition with me, my favourite type! At the start of this year I upgraded my membership and started trying out various classes, in LBT I bumped into Alice…when I say bumped I mean, literally.. we are both ridiculously uncoordinated and probably a danger to everybody else in the class! Since then Alice and I have formed a wonderful friendship, we laugh, swear, and motivate each other more every day. Outside of the gym we’ve also started to fundraise for various charities, I recently climbed Ben Nevis whilst Alice walked the West Highland Way, thereafter we completed the Pretty Muddy 5K rocking our pink Sweat! Gym T-Shirts and what a laugh we had along the way! SWEAT! has more than helped me with my health, my body shape, my confidence, as well as help form a long lasting and wonderful friendship.

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