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By Laura

New class timetable launch! April 2018

By Laura

Fancy a new challenge? This month we launch our brand new group exercise timetable with a class to suit everybody!

From Bootcamp to Bodyrock there's no better way to get fit for summer. Those of you who regularly attend classes will know that training in a group is a fun and social way of getting fit and if you haven’t tried one before here are 3 reasons why you definitely should!

  • Motivation- working out with friends or a group of like minded people helps to keep you motivated to regularly attend your class. Plus, it pushes you to work harder to keep up with the pace of the class.

  • Accountability- if you just don’t feel like going to the gym some days its easy to talk yourself out of it when you train alone. If you attend classes, knowing that your class mates will wonder where you are if you don’t go will keep you motivated to show up!

  • That buzz!- there’s nothing like it! Whether your group training is in a dance class, yoga, Body Combat or HIIT training, when the music is playing and you look around and see everyone working hard together you get that ultimate buzz that training on your own doesn’t give.

So set yourself a goal this month to try something new and book one of our brand new classes. We’ll be holding launch events on Monday 16th April, open to both Blue and Green members, where you can try one of our new classes and bring a friend for free!

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