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By Claire Cochrane

May Member of the Month 2018

By Claire Cochrane

Check out our May Member of the Month- Adrienne!

My name is Adrienne Guthrie. Like many, I promised myself that 2018 would be the year in which I would finally get off the sofa, and into the gym but because I had put it off for several years, I was utterly terrified to as much as call a gym - let alone attend. As a writer, I have the luxury of working from home and that has only encouraged a sedentary lifestyle which did nothing for my weight nor confidence.

After finding my personal trainer Nadia online, I plucked up the courage to go along for a consultation and taster session - what was initially only meant to be one workout a week has turned into 5 sessions of weight training and all the classes I can fit in (something I would have shuddered at the mere thought of a few months ago). I know it is cheesy but the super friendly staff at SWEAT! Glasgow (who truly are such a credit to you) make the gym so much more special than any other fitness club I’ve been to. I didn’t know working out could be so fun nor welcoming, as such it does look like you will be stuck with me for a long while!

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