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By Clare

Group Exercise Class - BootCamp

By Clare

BootCamp, Tuesday at 12.15pm with Graham

Instructor Name - Graham Halliday

Why do you love teaching this class?

 I love teaching this class because it’s great to be able to fit a lot of different exercises into the one class, it pushes people past limits that they usually wouldn’t think is possible for them.

What positive feedback have you received about the class to date?

Members love this class because they can get so much done in a small amount of time! They enjoy the challenge and team element involved in Bootcamp & continually return as they get to know the instructor.

What are the features and benefits of this class? What can members get from it?

 The benefits to this Bootcamp Class is that it is High Intensity, meaning that members can benefit from a great workout in a short space of time. Members can also gain knowledge in the benefits of different exercises so that they don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get a good workout. It is a good mixture of weights, functional and bodyweight exercises that, when combined, complement each other amazingly!

Who would benefit most from this exercise and why?

Members who are very busy and have tight schedules would benefit from attending this class as they quickly get a great workout in their lunch hour before heading back to work feeling better and less stressed out.

What do you do to keep the class interesting?

 I like switching it up each week by introducing new team work exercises and challenges.