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By Nikki

February Member of the Month

By Nikki

SWEAT! Glasgow would like to congratulate both Jaimie & Brian on becoming our February Member of the Month couple!

It is not common that a couple becomes our Member of the Month, but as it's Valentines Day this month, they more than deserve it. 

Both Brian and Jaimie have been working their butts off with our Personal Trainer Graham for the past year. 

They have both come on leaps and bounds, not only with their physical appearance, but also with the knowledge that they have gained throughout their life changing process. 

As the months have gone on, the staff at SWEAT! Glasgow have noticed a massive change in both of their physical appearances, with Jaimie & Brian both getting stronger, leaner & fitter!!

Attending the gym on a daily basis and smashing out their workout to push forwards for the dream that they set out for. 

Jaimie and Brian have gone on a lengthy journey, and have come out on top with their dramatic changes, which has not only boosted their confidence, but has changed their lives for the better. 

On behalf of the staff here at SWEAT! and their Personal Trainer Graham we would like to say congratulations and that you both deserve this! We wish you all of the best in your fitness journeys and look forward to seeing you reach more goals, and jump over any fitness hurdles that you come across. 


Happy Valentines Month and well done to you both for achieving the goals you set out to achieve!