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By Martin

Can you target fat loss?

By Martin

When it comes to fat loss, many of us have a certain region of our bodies, on which we’d like to concentrate.

  Whether it’s flat abs you’re after or slender tops of arms, can exercising the specific muscles in that area of your body, achieve the desired effect?  According to fitness experts, the simple answer is no.  

     The fact is that when you burn fat, whichever muscles you’re using, you will lose it from all over your body and not the area you’re specifically targeting.  So, if you really want to lose fat, irrespective of where on your body, the way forward is a good all-round workout.  This will consume more energy than working one muscle group, only.  Go for a HIIT (High intensity interval training) approach. These short bursts of activity, which raise your heart rate, are a really effective way to burn fat.  Alternatively, exercising for longer (Low Intensity Steady State) will also get you closer to your target, if that suits you better.       

     Keep in mind that the fastest way to lose fat is to burn off more calories than you consume so a calorie reduced diet, has a crucial part to play.  Drink plenty of water, to keep false cravings at bay, as well as increasing your body’s ability to break down stored fat and you’ll soon start to see the weight drop.   

     Whilst it may be frustrating to learn there is no magical exercise for targeting a particular region of your body and that your body, not you, will decide from where it takes fat, the good news is you can abandon the endless, concentrated repetitions.  These can become boring after a while, which can lead to half-hearted and lazy efforts.  By continuing to look after your heart and eat healthily, you will release those endorphins and have a spring in your step, so you’ll enjoy your workout more, as well as getting faster results in terms of fat loss.