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By Nicky

10 ways to get back into your training

By Nicky

10 ways to get back into your training after the Christmas break

  1. Know your ‘why’.

    The first area we need to train after a break is our mind. Getting back in touch with ‘why’ we have set ourselves a goal is the first step towards finding that motivation again.
  2. Set realistic times/days to do your workouts.

    You want to make sure that you can make it into the gym on time to do that class or gym programme. Put that time into your diary and make it as easy as you can to stick to it. Perhaps you put your gym kit out the night before or arrange childcare in advance.
  3. Find a training buddy!

    People who train with an exercise partner are more likely to stick to their routine (according to research). Going to the gym with someone who has similar goals to you will keep you motivated.
  4. New year, new routine! Refresh your gym programme!

    Ask a PT for some tips or use your free Green PT session. Having new, fun exercises to do or classes to take that are specific to your goal can be great for your motivation. Plus, you will be more likely to see the results that you want!
  5. Ditch the diet in favour of a lifestyle change.

    Small changes over time will be easier to stick to than a restrictive diet.
  6. Rest!

    That’s right! Even though it may be tempting to throw yourself back into training after a break, it’s important to give our bodies plenty of time to rest after starting a new exercise programme. Try to include rest days in between your training days. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to do nothing- ‘active recovery’ (doing low impact exercise like walking or swimming) on your rest days is a great way to keep moving while still give your body a chance to recover.
  7. Hydrate.

     Feeling a bit sluggish after the festivities? Drinking plenty of water (it is recommended that we drink at least 8 glasses a day) is a quick way to feeling better.
  8. Treat yourself!

    If that new gym kit makes you feel fierce then buy it! Perhaps it’s a new gym bag or even just a water bottle- even the smallest new purchases can motivate us when starting a new routine.
  9. Take it day by day.

    If you miss a session that you had planned, it’s ok. Pick it back up on the next day. Be kind to yourself by remembering that sometimes other things need to take priority.
  10. Enjoy your journey!

    Whilst we have our eyes set firmly on the end results, it’s important to enjoy the time it takes to get there.