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Personal Trainer


Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

I love sharing my passions with likeminded people. Health and fitness is something I care massively, helping and guiding clients to achieve their goals. Getting to meet a variety of people who each have their own specific goals and targets is a huge bonus for me.

How do you differ from other trainers?

Unlike many personal trainers I come from a sports coaching background, since I was 16 I have been teaching and coaching a multitude of sports. Since coming into the fitness industry I am able to adapt a lot of what I learnt from my years in coaching for my clients. I love getting clients to feel comfortable and confident in a gym environment so that they can get the most out of their time in club.

Favourite exercise/equipment?

It's too difficult to choose just one piece of equipment or exercise, but I have got a massive love for leg exercises. There is something about being able to take the strength gained in the gym and seeing and feeling the difference on a ski run or when I’m out hiking a mountain.

Guilty pleasure?

A snow capped mountain is undoubtedly my guilty pleasure, for me there is nothing better in the world than standing on top of a mountain before an epic ski run with a great play list blasting in my ears.

When a snow capped mountain isn’t available I enjoy baking (and eating what I bake) and walking my dog.

If you would like to book a session with Robyn, contact her directly:

P: 07498577211
E: robyn-mackintosh@outlook.com