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Personal Trainer


Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

I have been teaching various fitness classes for several years and during my 2 years studying for an HND in fitness I was fortunate that Personal training was included in my course. This led to me taking on clients through classes and I found a passion for helping others, particularly women with weight issues, and Health & Illness rehabilitation. No client is the same and the diversity of capabilities everyone has, I find it really rewarding to see the changes and improvements people make through time. My aim in the future is to train on GP referrals and hopefully work with patients that have suffered a Stroke/Heart Attack, have Pulmonary conditions or suffer from Diabetes etc.

How do you differ from other trainers?

A lot of PT’s are quite young and tend to be male. I’m female, with perhaps a bit more life experience than others. I have a dance & Gymnastic background. I have been training clients in their own home and workplace as well as outdoor training. Many women feel intimidated setting foot in a Gym. I believe if you are looking for Personal Training that you also must be aware that when not working with myself it is vitally important to be exercising independently to help achieve your Goals. Many years ago, I suffered multiple muscle spasm down the left-hand side of my body along with lower back problems due to a bus crash – I still suffer but know how to control these issues (Back Problems are a major complaint today’s society use not to exercise! Big Mistake…Exercise is very important!!!) I understand injuries and having the confidence in rebuilding things from scratch if you have been previously fit and Healthy.

Favourite exercise/equipment?

Kettlebells are an amazing piece of equipment and the benefits are equally amazing. Kettlebells are weighted off centre compared to a dumbbell and extends beyond your hand, increasing the lever effect of the weight. Moving these requires both strength & speed, this will build on power. This is what makes kettlebells suitable for high-intensity interval training or other CV exercise.

One of my favourite kettlebell exercises is the Turkish Get Up.

Guilty pleasure?

Possibly not what you would expect to hear…But I absolutely love to hear a Champagne cork Pop then enjoy the contents with good company and good food. Bliss!

If you would like to book a session with Leigh, contact her directly:

P: 07954314705